How iotaSmart works?

Everywhere we are listening to the new age of Connected and Autonomous vehicle, where a vehicle is driving itself (Self driving or Driverless vehicle), connected to the internet and passing information, talk to other car, live connection with owner, etc..Of-course a lot is happening.

To make your car a Smart car a lot of companies are working towards this direction and made this concept into reality, e.g. Google, Tesla, UBER, Audi, and BMW etc. However these vehicles are going to be a very costly to you but connected car and Autonomous vehicle is the future reality. At the same time there are various solutions available in the market to make your ordinary vehicle a ‘Connected Vehicle’, e.g. Telematics solution, GPS solutions, OBD based solution and many more. These solutions help individual or fleet owners to connect with their car anytime and access the different information depending on the solution they have in the vehicle.

iotaSmart is a perfect example of ‘Concept into Reality’, where we are working hard to make any ordinary car into a ‘Connected Car’. iotaSmart platform is an integrated solution of IoT Devices and software system which together works as a Connected car platform.

iotaSmart works on self design OBDII device which easily connect with your car OBD port and communicates with VAN (Vehicle area networks) well. iotaSmart platform is capable to read the data like engine diagnostics, location, speed, driving behaviour, maintenance alerts, fuel analysis and external sensors etc. Our cloud based BigData analytics transforms it into meaningful information where you easily get the below information:

  • Driving behaviour analysis
  • Driver risk analysis
  • Cost analysis for individual or fleet level
  • Fuel level analysis
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Prediction for engine and its components failure
  • Live tracking of vehicle

iotaSmart software platform to access your vehicle information is available on Android / iOS and Web as well. Where you can easily access all valuable information and that can help you further in decision making, optimizing resources (Man and Machine), scheduling of vehicles and performance data.