Connected Cars - The future

It's been long time that we are hearing about the connected Car. Many of the automotive industry's pioneer companies working hard on connected car concept. Even some of them are on the edge of delivery of successful implementation of connected Car. So what do you think what is a #ConnectedCar? Or how #ConnectedCar works? Or what makes a car a #ConnectedCar? There are lots of puzzles of thoughts come when we think or talk about the #ConnectedCar.

In general any car is knows as a connected car having the below capabilities:

  • Having the capability of internet access
  • Sending and receiving data from sensors
  • Vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V communication)
  • Vehicle to infrastructure communication (V2I communication)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Self driving car (An autonomous car or driverless or robotic car)
  • Telematics features
  • Connect with home automation system
  • GPS enabled / OBD enabled devices
  • Connect with internet Bots, etc.

iotaSmart platform also helps you in reducing your operational cost and improves fuel efficiency.

However connected car is not just limited to the above points, there are lot more coming in near future. YES – Connected Car is THE FUTURE! Deep in history – Connected car concept is new buzz in the market but somehow it was started back in 1996, when General Motors come up with ‘OnStar’ a safety product in collaboration with Motorola. This telematics system is having the capability of voice call to a call centre in case of emergency. Later company added the GPS in the system.

The huge success of such connected car concept inspired other companies to work on this direction and bring new innovation like Remote diagnostic, vehicle health report, GPS navigation, security alerts, digital network access device integration, etc.

A lot work has been done in the field on connected Car by Google, Audi, BMW, Tesla, UBER and many more. Future connected car is like:

  • Pre-alerts of high traffic and suggest the alternative path
  • Download your favourite music from internet
  • Vehicle's health prediction and prescription
  • Voice recognition to access your car
  • Auto diagnostics and service alerts
  • Put the music on silent when phone rings
  • Send the crash alerts with GPS location and much...much more than this

Hardware integration – Connected car features can be bringing in your car by using built in system or brought-in system.

Built-in system is a telematic box which comes as an integrated solution with your connected car. This system may have the various features like connect to the VAN, Infotainment, MAP & Navigation, Car control and ofcourse internet connectivity. Now days such system comes with mobile app using which you can access information of your car on mobile app.

OBD (On Board Diagnostics) system is brought-in hardware integration. It is a small device connects with vehicle OBD port. All the vehicle after 2006 has an OBD port. All the vehicles after 2013 support OBDII which means it has access on more information of vehicle.

There are different types of OBDs available in the market:

  • Bluetooth based OBD
  • GSM network based OBD
  • WiFi enabled OBD

OBD has the capability to capture the vehicle data and send to the server directly or on mobile app as well. It is really a very powerful device which attracts whole market to work on. Data like GPS, engine diagnostics, fuel level, trip analysis, driver behaviour and analysis, maintenance alerts are easily accessible and commutable.

What iotasmart can do for your connected car?

In iotaSmart innovation lab we are working on highly integration of IoT objects like OBD, GPS, multiple sensors, BigData and rock proof software platform where we gather data from a vehicle and integrate together to make any car a advance connected car. Our IoT product 'iotaSmart' has a capability to make any vehicle a ‘Connected Vehicle’ where you can access the live information of your vehicle like Advanced engine diagnostics data, live fuel efficiency and trends, live vehicle tracking on app and web, Driving behaviour, maintenance alerts and much more.

IotaSmart's Intelligent Connected Platform, one step integration with vehicles such as car, buses, trucks, vans and so on. We connect the vehicle's health with the driving behaviour to improve fuel efficiency, operational efficiency, driver safety or a greener earth.

Using our Intelligent IotaSmart platform, we predict the vehicle failure and required maintenance in advance so that repair cost is lowered. We also tell you what you need to fix. It acts as a car doctor anytime and anywhere.

Our intelligent platform helps to reduce the fuel consumption and improve your driving behaviour which has an ultimate goal to reduce the carbon foot print and make the earth greener. Our platform helps individual and fleet owner to reduce the cost of operation by reducing the maintenance expense and improve fuel efficiency.

Our Product offerings

iotaSmart Smart Fleet Solutions

Provides real time location and historical tracking by trip of the vehicles along with vehicle and driver alerts.

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iotaSmart Consumer Solutions

Provides driver and car safety with real time car tracking and trip reports for all cars in your fleet.

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