It is hard to manage fleet across locations with multiple drivers, makes and models


We've chosen the most valuable features for our customers and incorporated them into the one powerful app.

Advance Engine Diagnostics

Using iotaSmart's iPredictive and iPrescriptive engine, you will be get alarms for engine related issues in advance so that you are safe and able to plan your operational costs better.

Informed Decision Making: Get advance alerts for engine related problems and possible solutions.

Real time data on engine related parameters such as engine coolant, absolute throttle position, etc.

Real time engine dashboard showing engine and vehicle health.



Driving Behaviour Analytics

iotaSmart's Safe Driving helps improve the driving behaviour using fatigue driving, excessive idling, over speeding parameter leading to increased driver and vehicle safety. This will be used for driving training programs..

Alerts for driving behaviour.

Real time alarms for over speeding, sharp corners, high RPM, etc.

Driving behaviour trends by trip and recommendations.



Fuel Efficiency Analytics

iotaSmart's Fuel Analytics report fuel efficiency by trip and recommends steps for improvement.

Alerts for fuel efficiency trends and recommendations.

Real time fuel efficiency reports by trip.

Dashboard for fuel efficiency for vehicles with recommendations.



Operational Efficiency

iotaSmart's Predictive Maintenance solutions include prediction of failure and maintenance and prescriptions for fixing issues.

Alert for predictive maintenance.

Real time prescriptions.

Dashboard to show improvements in the operational efficiency.

A Bundle of Technology

Intelligent Real Time Analytics

Dynamic Dashboard for Prediction and Prescription

KPI's based Analytics for Web and Mobile App


Advance Engine Diagnostics

Accurate Driving Log, Trip Tracking and Playback

Driving Behaviour Alerts and Recommendations


Fuel Efficiency Tracking Reports

Anti Theft Solution

Idling Alerts and Trends

Need a solution for improving the health of your vehicles?